Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Services and Products
Car Services Ltd

The purpose of this policy is to:
Maintain Trust: Ensure that visitors to Car Services Ltd. website and mobile
application have a consistent and trustworthy experience.
Protect the Brand: Preserve the integrity, reputation, and brand value of Car
Services Ltd. by ensuring that all advertisements, postings, and promotions
align with our values and standards.
Promote Fairness: Create a level playing field for all advertisers, ensuring that
every business, irrespective of its size, has an equal opportunity to connect with
potential customers.
Ensure Quality: Make certain that the products and services promoted on our

platform meet specific quality standards to avoid potential harm or dissatisfac-
tion to our users.

Uphold Legal and Ethical Standards: Ensure that all advertisements and post-
ings comply with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical standards.

This policy applies to:
All Advertisements: Any and all forms of advertising that appear on the Car
Services Ltd. website and associated mobile application.
Service Postings: Any listing, description, or promotion of services related to

Product Promotions: Any promotion or listing of products associated with vehi-
cles, be it accessories, parts, or related merchandise.

Platform Users: Everyone who uses the Car Services Ltd. website and mobile

application, including but not limited to advertisers, affiliates, registered mem-
bers, and casual visitors.


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

Affiliated Sites & Partners: Any third-party platforms, websites, or businesses
that have a collaboration or partnership with Car Services Ltd. and make use
of its advertising and posting services.
Key Guidelines
Accuracy and Honesty: All advertisements, postings, and promotions must

be truthful and not misleading. False claims, misleading images, or misrep-
resented services/products will be removed and might result in the advertiser

being banned from future postings.

Relevance: All content must be directly related to vehicles or the vehicle indus-
try. Irrelevant postings will be removed.

Decency: No content should be offensive, vulgar, or inappropriate. Car Ser-
vices Ltd. reserves the right to determine what constitutes inappropriate con-

Regulatory Compliance: Advertisers are responsible for ensuring their adver-
tisements, products, and services comply with local, state, and federal laws and

Quality Assurance: Products and services promoted must meet a basic quality
threshold. Any product or service with a significant number of complaints may
be investigated and potentially removed.
Feedback and Reviews: Users will have the opportunity to review and provide
feedback on products and services. Advertisers are expected to address any
genuine concerns or complaints from users.
Violation of this policy can result in a range of actions, including but not limited
1. Warning or notice to the concerned party.
2. Temporary suspension of advertising/posting privileges.

3. Permanent ban from using Car Services Ltd. advertising and posting ser-

4. Legal action, if deemed necessary.

Car Services Ltd. reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. Advertis-
ers and users are advised to periodically review the policy to stay updated.

By advertising, posting, or promoting on the Car Services Ltd. platform, you
acknowledge and agree to adhere to these guidelines and standards. Your


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

cooperation ensures a trustworthy and beneficial environment for all users and
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Compliance with Advertising Rules and Regulations:
In the era of global communication, where services and products are promoted

across numerous platforms, the need for transparent, accurate, and lawful ad-
vertising has never been more paramount. All stakeholders involved in the

advertising ecosystem, from advertisers and service providers to product sell-
ers and users, play an integral role in maintaining the integrity and truthfulness

of this environment.
Obligation to Comply:

Whether you’re a multinational corporation or an individual seller, if you’re us-
ing the platform to advertise, promote or showcase your offering, you’re bound

by the rules. Advertisers, service providers, vehicle product sellers, and users

must ensure their posts and advertisements conform to local, national, and in-
ternational advertising rules and regulations, as applicable.

Accountability Lies with the Advertiser:
It is not enough to plead ignorance when it comes to advertising regulations.

It remains the responsibility of every advertiser to be fully aware of and under-
stand the relevant advertising standards and regulations. This includes, but

is not limited to, claims made about a product’s performance, use of images,

targeting practices, and presentation of pricing information. Furthermore, ad-
vertisers must actively ensure their advertisements stand in full compliance with

these standards, even as they evolve.
Role of Car Services Ltd:

At Car Services Ltd, the commitment to uphold advertising standards is unwa-
vering. We believe in providing a platform that fosters trust and authenticity.

While we strive to educate and inform our users about best practices, it is cru-
cial to understand that Car Services Ltd is not the regulatory body. However,

non-compliance will not be taken lightly.
Consequences of Non-compliance:
Breaching the advertising standards and regulations is not just detrimental to

the reputation of advertisers, but it also undermines the credibility of the plat-
form and can potentially mislead consumers. As such, any breach of the rules


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

may result in penalties, both from the relevant regulatory bodies and from Car
Services Ltd.
Within our platform, breaches can lead to:
– Suspension of the advertisement or post.
– Removal from the platform.
– Temporary or permanent ban from using our services.
And these actions may be taken with or without prior warning.
In today’s digital age, where consumers rely heavily on online advertisements
to make informed decisions, the onus is on advertisers to provide accurate,
honest, and lawful information. By ensuring compliance with advertising rules
and regulations, we collectively foster a trustworthy and reliable marketplace
that benefits all its users.
Remember, the integrity of advertising shapes the perceptions and decisions of
the consumers. Let’s work together to uphold the highest standards.
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Content Standards Policy: Car Services Ltd. and its Platforms
Car Services Ltd. believes in maintaining a trustworthy, respectful, and safe
environment on all its platforms. The content standards outlined below ensure
that our community remains informed, respected, and free from misleading or
harmful information.
General Guidelines
Honesty & Accuracy: All content, be it reviews, descriptions, or comments,
must be truthful and provide a clear picture of the product or service in question.
Fabrication or exaggeration is strictly prohibited.
Respectful Interaction: Courtesy is the hallmark of our community. Interactions,
even disagreements, must remain civil and respectful. Harassment, threats, or
personal attacks are not tolerated.
Advertisement Standards
Truthful Representation: Advertisements should give a genuine portrayal of the
product or service being promoted. False claims, bait-and-switch tactics, or any
form of deceptive marketing are strictly against our standards.


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

Relevant Visuals: All graphics, images, and visuals used in ads must directly
pertain to the product or service being advertised. Using unrelated or clickbait
imagery is not allowed.

Prohibited Language: Any language that is aggressive, defamatory, deroga-
tory, or can be construed as hate speech is strictly forbidden. Ads should com-
municate value and features without resorting to negative tactics.

Culturally Sensitive and Inoffensive Content:All visuals and text should be in line
with universally accepted standards of decency. Content that could be deemed
offensive, insensitive, or inappropriate is strictly prohibited. This includes, but
is not limited to, visuals or text that may discriminate, stereotype, or marginalize
any group based on race, gender, religion, or other criteria.
Consequences of Breaching Content Standards
Violation of any of the above guidelines on Car Services Ltd.’s platforms will be
subject to the following:
Initial Warning: First-time offenders will receive a warning and will be educated
about our content standards.
Content Removal: Content found in breach of our guidelines will be promptly
Temporary Suspension: Repeat offenders may face temporary suspension from
our platforms.

Permanent Ban: In cases of severe or continuous violation, the user or adver-
tiser may be permanently banned from all Car Services Ltd. platforms.

Feedback & Reporting

Car Services Ltd. encourages its community to be active participants in up-
holding these standards. If you come across content that seems questionable,

please report it to our dedicated team for review.
By adhering to these standards, we can ensure that Car Services Ltd. remains

a reliable, respectful, and safe platform for all users and advertisers. Your co-
operation and understanding are highly appreciated.

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Legality in Advertising on CarServicesLtd Platforms


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

At CarServicesLtd, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of
legality and trustworthiness on our platforms. This commitment extends to all
products, services, and advertisements displayed across our web and mobile
interfaces. We have outlined below our guiding principles to ensure that our
users have a clear understanding of what is permissible and what is not:
Jurisdictional Compliance
Any product or service advertised on our platforms must strictly adhere to the
laws of the jurisdiction in which the advertisement is displayed. Advertisers
bear the responsibility of ensuring that their offerings are compliant with local
No Stolen or Counterfeit Products
The promotion or sale of stolen or counterfeit items is expressly prohibited. We
expect all advertisers to ensure the authenticity and legitimate ownership of the
items they promote.
Zero Tolerance for Fake Advertisements
Deceptive posts or advertisements are unacceptable on our platforms. Those
found to be engaging in fraudulent activities or misleading advertisements will
face severe consequences, including a permanent ban from all Car Services
Ltd platforms.
Reporting Mechanism
Any violation observed or suspected will not only result in platform-specific

sanctions but will also be reported to the relevant authorities in the jurisdic-
tion of the advertiser. We prioritize the safety and trust of our users, and any

harmful intent will be met with swift action.
Necessary Permissions and Licenses

Advertisers must possess all the required permissions, licenses, or certifica-
tions to offer the product or service they are advertising. This requirement is

non-negotiable and is crucial to maintain the trustworthiness of our platforms.
Vehicle and Equipment Legitimacy
For posts concerning vehicles and equipment on and all
associated apps, it is mandatory that these items have been legally obtained.
Sellers are responsible for providing verifiable evidence of lawful ownership
upon request.
Our commitment to legality is unwavering. We urge all users and advertisers
to respect these guidelines, ensuring a safe and trustworthy environment for
everyone involved. Any deviation from these standards will be treated with
the utmost seriousness. We thank our community for their ongoing support in
upholding these values.


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

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Car Services Ltd. Advertisement Restrictions Policy
At Car Services Ltd., we strive to maintain a platform that is both professional

and user-friendly. Our commitment to delivering top-notch services is unwa-
vering, and this entails ensuring the content posted on our platforms is of the

highest quality and abides by our set standards. The following policy highlights
our restrictions concerning advertisements and outlines the consequences of
any violations.
Standards and Guidelines for Advertisements:
All advertisements on Car Services Ltd. platforms must:
– Be relevant to automotive services or related products.
– Use appropriate language, free from profanity or offensive terms.
– Not contain misleading or false information.

– Comply with local, national, and international advertising standards and reg-

– Not promote illegal or banned items.
– Be free from inappropriate or explicit content.
– Respect intellectual property rights; do not use copyrighted material without
proper authorization.
Rights of Car Services Ltd.:
Car Services Ltd. holds the following rights in relation to advertisements on its
Review: All advertisements are subject to review by Car Services Ltd. We
reserve the right to request changes or decline advertisements that do not meet
our criteria.
Removal: If an advertisement is found to be in violation of our standards and
guidelines, it may be removed immediately without prior notice.
Edit: At our discretion, we may choose to edit an advertisement to bring it in line
with our standards. However, advertisers will typically be given an opportunity
to modify their content first.
Consequences for Violations:
Any user or advertiser who does not comply with this policy may face:


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

Temporary Suspension: A user or advertiser may be temporarily banned from
using our platforms. The duration of this suspension will be determined by the
severity of the violation.
Permanent Ban: In cases of repeated or severe violations, a user or advertiser
may be permanently banned from all Car Services Ltd. platforms.
Notification: Users or advertisers will be notified of any actions taken against
their advertisements and will be provided with a reason for the decision.
Reporting and Appeals:
If you come across an advertisement that you believe violates our policy, please

report it immediately to our team for review. Advertisers who believe their con-
tent has been wrongfully removed or edited can appeal the decision by contact-
ing our support team with relevant evidence supporting their claim.

Car Services Ltd. is dedicated to maintaining a platform that reflects our values
and standards. Our advertisement restrictions policy ensures a positive and
safe environment for all users and advertisers. We appreciate your cooperation
and adherence to these guidelines.
Page 6
Reporting and Oversight at Car Services Ltd.
At Car Services Ltd., we strive to offer a trustworthy and secure platform for
all our users. Ensuring that advertisements posted on our website and app
adhere to our policies is one of our top priorities. As part of our commitment to
fostering a safe environment, we have instituted robust reporting and oversight
mechanisms to detect and address violations.

Empowering Users: We believe in the collective power of our community. There-
fore, every user of the Car Services Ltd. website and app plays a crucial role

in upholding the integrity of our platform.
Spotting Violations: If you come across an advertisement that seems suspicious
or appears to breach our policies, we encourage you to take action.
How to Report: Users can easily report questionable advertisements through

the “Report” feature on our website or app. We’ve made this process straight-
forward to ensure that any concerns are flagged quickly.


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

Confidentiality: To protect your privacy, all reports are treated with the utmost
confidentiality. Your identity will remain anonymous to the advertiser unless you
give explicit consent otherwise.
Proactive Monitoring: While we greatly value the vigilance of our users, Car
Services Ltd. also takes a proactive stance in ensuring policy adherence.
Periodic Reviews: Our team conducts regular audits of advertisements on the
platform. These reviews help us identify and rectify any policy breaches promptly.

Automated Tools: We employ advanced algorithms and tools that flag poten-
tially non-compliant advertisements for further review. This ensures that even

subtle violations don’t go unnoticed.

Action on Violations: Advertisements found in violation of our policy are sub-
ject to removal, and advertisers may face penalties, including suspension or

banning from our platform.
Feedback Loop: Advertisers who have had their content flagged or removed
are informed of the specific reasons for the action. This approach not only
ensures transparency but also educates our community about the importance
of policy compliance.
Policy Updates: Based on feedback and the evolving nature of our platform, we
regularly reassess and update our policies. These updates are communicated
to all users and advertisers to ensure continued alignment.

Car Services Ltd. is dedicated to maintaining a platform that is safe, transpar-
ent, and user-friendly. With the combined efforts of our dedicated team and our

vigilant user community, we strive to ensure that every advertisement meets
our high standards of integrity and compliance. Your trust is paramount to us,
and we are committed to earning it every day.
Page 7
Updates and Amendments:
Car Services Ltd. acknowledges the dynamic nature of its services and the
evolving requirements of its stakeholders, and thus, recognizes the necessity
to keep its policies in line with these changes.
Right to Modify:

Car Services Ltd. reserves the unequivocal right to make updates or amend-
ments to this policy, or any part thereof, at its sole discretion. Such changes


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

may reflect adaptations to new legal, technical, operational, or business re-

Notification of Changes:
While Car Services Ltd. aims to communicate any significant alterations to
this policy in a timely manner, it remains the responsibility of advertisers and
users to stay informed. It is recommended to periodically check our official
communication channels or website for any announcements related to policy
Continuous Compliance:
All advertisers and users are bound by the terms and conditions stipulated in this
policy. As such, continuous compliance with the updated terms is mandatory.
Regular review of this policy by advertisers and users is thus essential to ensure
they are always in line with the current terms.
Effective Date:
Any updates or amendments made to this policy will be effective immediately
upon posting on our official channels unless stated otherwise. The date of the
last revision will be indicated at the end of the policy.
Feedback and Inquiries:
Car Services Ltd. values the feedback of its stakeholders. Should advertisers,
users, or any other parties have concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding
this policy, they are encouraged to get in touch with our designated customer
support or legal team.
Failure to Comply:
Non-compliance with the terms stipulated in this policy, including any updates
or amendments, may lead to penalties, restrictions, or termination of services,
as deemed appropriate by Car Services Ltd.

It is our hope that these provisions ensure clarity, trust, and a harmonious rela-
tionship between Car Services Ltd. and its valued stakeholders. Together, we

aim to maintain a reliable and transparent platform for all our services.
Page 8
Contact Car Services Ltd. Customer Support
At Car Services Ltd., your experience and satisfaction are paramount to us.
Whether you’re a user of our platform, a potential client, or simply someone
seeking more information, we’re always here to assist you.


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

Advertisements Concerns:

If you’ve encountered an advertisement on our platform that you believe is in-
appropriate, misleading, or in violation of our guidelines, please do not hesitate

to report it to us. We strive to maintain a clean and trustworthy environment for
all our users and appreciate your assistance in this regard.
Contact Details:

For any questions, concerns, or reports related to advertisements on our plat-


Please ensure that you provide a clear description of your concern and, if possi-
ble, any relevant screenshots or links. This will help us address your concerns

more efficiently.
We aim to respond to all queries within 24-48 hours. However, response times
may vary depending on the volume of inquiries we receive.

Your feedback is invaluable in helping us enhance the Car Services Ltd. expe-
rience. We thank you in advance for reaching out and ensuring the quality of

our platform remains top-notch.
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Car Services Ltd. Advertising Policy

Car Services Ltd. is dedicated to maintaining a safe, transparent, and profes-
sional platform for users and advertisers alike. This Advertising Policy outlines

the standards and expectations set for all advertisements and posts made on
our platform. By participating on our platform, you implicitly accept these terms
and agree to comply.
1. General Provisions:
1.1 All content, including advertisements, must be relevant to the car service
1.2 Car Services Ltd. reserves the right to update or modify this Advertising
Policy without prior notice.
2. Content Standards:


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

2.1 Advertisements must not contain misleading, false, or exaggerated claims.

2.2 All content must be appropriate, respectful, and free of hate speech, dis-
criminatory remarks, or other offensive material.

2.3 Copyrighted or trademarked materials must only be used with proper au-

3. Restricted and Prohibited Content:**
3.1 The promotion of illegal services or products is strictly prohibited.
3.2 Content that promotes dangerous driving, street racing, or other unsafe
practices is not allowed.
3.3 Advertisements for recalled products or those with known safety issues are
4. User Responsibilities:
4.1 Users are responsible for ensuring that their content complies with all local,
state, and federal regulations, in addition to this Advertising Policy.

4.2 Users should review and confirm the accuracy of their content before post-

5. Review and Enforcement:
5.1 Car Services Ltd. reserves the right to review and monitor any content
posted on its platform.
5.2 Content that violates this policy may be removed without prior notice.
5.3 Repeated violations or egregious breaches of this policy may result in further
actions, including but not limited to, the suspension or banning of user accounts,
legal action, or any other remedy deemed appropriate by Car Services Ltd.
6. Reporting:
6.1 Users are encouraged to report any content they believe violates this policy.
6.2 Car Services Ltd. will investigate all reports and take appropriate action
based on the findings.
7. Disclaimer:


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

7.1 While Car Services Ltd. strives to ensure that all advertisements and con-
tent adhere to this policy, it cannot guarantee the accuracy, legality, or quality

of any posts or advertisements.
7.2Car Services Ltd. is not liable for any losses or damages incurred as a result
of advertisements or content on its platform.

By posting or advertising on the Car Services Ltd. platform, users and advertis-
ers not only bring value to the platform but also play a crucial role in maintaining

its integrity and reputation. Adherence to this Advertising Policy ensures a pos-
itive experience for all parties involved. Let’s collaborate to make Car Services

Ltd. a trustworthy and reliable platform for everyone.
Page 10
Car Services Ltd offers a platform for vehicle enthusiasts, professionals, and
businesses to connect, share, and discover products and services related to
vehicles. With its user-friendly website,, and its dedicated

app, Car Services Ltd streamlines the process of reaching out to the right au-
dience. However, to ensure that the platform remains safe, trustworthy, and

professional, it is essential to be compliant with its advertising rules and regu-

Why Advertise on Car Services Ltd?
Targeted Audience: The platform caters exclusively to vehicle aficionados and
those seeking vehicle-related services. This ensures a higher engagement rate
and better conversion for your advertisements.
Multiple Platforms: With both a website and an app, your advertisement reaches
users across multiple devices and platforms.

Community Trust: Being a part of a respected platform ensures that your prod-
ucts and services gain a level of inherent trust from the community.

Posting Guidelines:
Be Clear and Honest: Ensure that your product or service description is clear,
accurate, and devoid of any misleading information.
Include Relevant Images: Use high-quality images that represent your product
or service. Ensure that these images are your own or you have the right to use


Advertising and Posting Policy for Vehicle-related Serv… by
Car Services Ltd Oct 27, 2023

Contact Details: Always include valid contact details so potential customers can
reach out with questions or for purchases.
Complying with Advertising Rules and Regulations:
Respectful Advertising: Avoid using language or images that might be deemed
offensive, discriminatory, or harmful. Respect the diversity of the platform’s user
Legal Products & Services Only: Ensure that what you’re offering is legal in the
jurisdiction you’re operating in. For instance, certain vehicle modifications may
not be street-legal everywhere.
Claims & Guarantees: If you make any claims about your product or service,
be prepared to substantiate them. False claims can lead to removal from the
platform and potential legal actions.
Transparency: If your post is sponsored or an ad, ensure it’s clearly mentioned.
Transparency helps in building trust with potential customers.
User Data: If you collect user data through the platform, ensure that you comply
with all relevant data protection regulations.
Ensuring Respectful and Legal Postings:
Avoid Spam: Repeatedly posting the same product or service can annoy users

and might lead to a ban. Instead, focus on creating engaging content that at-
tracts users.

Respect Feedback: If users give feedback on your product, service, or adver-
tisement, take it constructively. This can help you improve and cater better to

the community’s needs.
Avoid Aggressive Marketing: While it’s natural to want your product or service
to stand out, avoid being overly aggressive in your marketing tactics. This can
turn potential customers away.
Car Services Ltd offers an excellent platform for reaching a targeted audience

interested in vehicle-related products and services. However, to maintain a pro-
fessional and trustful environment, it’s vital to adhere to the platform’s rules and

regulations. By ensuring that your postings are clear, respectful, and legal, you
not only comply with the platform’s standards but also build a positive reputation
among its user base.

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